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  • What can I recycle?
    General recyclable materials include household plastic bottles and containers, cardboard boxes, newspaper, papers, tin, and aluminum.
  • What size dumpster do I need?
    A size of dumpster is determined by the type of project. The dumpster sizes can be found by clicking here.
  • What if a holiday falls on my pick up day?
    See our contact page for the holiday schedule. Call if you have questions.
  • How much can I put in the garbage dumpster?
    Do not overfill your container- it is not acceptable for dumpster lids to be raised. You can also call ahead and make arrangements if you have additional trash. (See next section.)
  • What if I have too much garbage?
    Please call before the scheduled pickup to alert us about extra garbage. For a minimal per-bag charge, we can occasionally accommodate extra trash. Extra fees will be added to your next bill. If you consistently have too much waste, consider a dumpster or roll-off container.
  • Where do I take my recycling?
    Contact us for the best solution for your location. Curbside pickup is available in any municipality we service.
  • When do I put out my recycling bin and garbage bags?
    In the Montezuma, Brooklyn, Malcom, Deep River, Searsboro, and Guernsey city limits, recycling is collected on the same day as your regular, weekly garbage collection. If you live outside the city limits, we do not currently provide recycling services. Routes start early, so you should have your recycling bin & trash out by the curb by 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection for your location. Consider putting your bin and trash out the night before.
  • Where do I place the recycling bin and garbage bags?
    Please place the recycling bin near the street, within 2 to 4 feet of the curb. Please do not have anything blocking containers/bags.
  • How do I sort my recycling?
    Put tin, plastic containers, newspapers and mixed paper in your recycling bin. Corrugated, unwaxed cardboard, no larger than 3 feet by 3 feet, should be flattened. Smaller boxes, such as cereal boxes with liners removed, should be flattened and placed in the recycling bin.
  • What types of items can’t I put in the dumpster?
    No free flowing liquids, hazardous waste, oils, batteries, tires, paint (unless dried), yard waste, medical needles need to be placed in sharps container or thick plastic jugs (not milk jugs). E.g. laundary detergent bottles. No appliances or electronics. If you have appliances or electronics please call our office to make arrangements to have them disposed of.
  • What is considered hazardous waste and how to get rid of it?
    Household hazardous waste poses a significant threat to the environment. Unfortunately, they can’t be placed in your weekly collection barrel. Local, state, and federal regulations require that all hazardous waste be properly disposed of. Consult your city or town for collection sites and dates in your area. Some non-household waste items that cannot be disposed of are as follows: Oil Based Paint Oil & other vehicle liquid waste (like motor oil) Hazardous Medical Waste or other material listed as hazardous or toxic. Poweshiek County residents can dispose of hazardous waste materials at the Poweshiek Transfers Station, 641-528-2801
  • What if I put it out too late?
    If you can’t wait for next week, call to find out the charge for an extra pickup.
  • How to get rid of construction materials or large clean out piles?
    Bulk item pick up is not included in your standard disposal service fee. We offer disposal of large items such as furniture, appliances, some construction materials, carpeting and other *miscellaneous clean-out items for an additional fee. Please call for pricing. No bulk item(s) will be picked up without advance notice. Please call to schedule bulk item(s) prior to your pick-up day. *Items such as carpeting, construction materials or large clean-out piles are subject to estimates. A price may not be able to be quoted over the phone, but you may contact our office to schedule an estimate. We do offer dumpsters for bulk clean-out.

Do you have a question that is not answered? Contact Us with your question, or call 641-623-5691.

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